Never Surrender

by Jupiter-8

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Karate King Jupiter-8's Never Surrender pays tribute to the beautiful synth soundtracks of 80s action and martial arts movies like “No Retreat, No Surrender”, “Gymkata”, “Rocky III”, and “The Karate Kid”. The whole EP works as the perfect score for an extended 80s training montage. Definitely one of the truest, most retro sounding synthwave records I have ever heard. Favorite track: Training Hard.
VHS Dreams
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VHS Dreams It gives me those Martial Arts B-movie feels!! Love it!!!!! Favorite track: Final Fight.
Tom / Occams Laser
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Tom / Occams Laser If you want your power level to exceed 9000 then this is the perfect music to get you pumped, ripped and ready for the dojo! ★★★★★ Favorite track: Training Hard.


Karate King Records proudly presents: NEVER SURRENDER, a 5-track EP by French synthwave producer Jupiter-8. NEVER SURRENDER pays tribute to the beloved martial arts and sports drama movies of the 80s (“The Karate Kid”, “No Retreat, No Surrender”, “Rocky III”).
Like most of Jupiter-8’s previous releases, NEVER SURRENDER was written as the soundtrack to a fictional 80s movie that only exists in the imagination of this supremely talented young artist.

The year is 1984. The place is a small seaside town in California. Jim is the new kid on the block. After having met a cute girl at a beach party, he gets cornered by her ex-boyfriend, the leader of a vicious street gang that is terrorizing the whole town. Mr. Kaneda, an old Japanese man who owns an ice cream stall, jumps in last minute to save Jim from severely getting hurt, fighting off the whole gang with his mysterious Karate skills. Jim, knowing he is on the gang’s death list and being unable to defend himself, begs Mr. Kaneda to teach him the art of Karate. Will he be able to fight the bullies and get the girl he loves? Or will he lose everything?

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released August 28, 2015

All tracks written, produced and mastered by Jupiter-8.
Album artwork by Karate King, Karate King Records.



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